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Worldwide Vessel Delivery Services

Bayfront Marine, Inc. is based out of St. Augustine, Florida USA and operates internationally. We are a leader in providing the marine industry with transportation and delivery of ships, passenger vessels, tankers, research vessels, oil supply boats, crew boats, trawlers, ferries, dinner boats, tugs, towboats, barges, and military craft to global destinations.

When trusting such large and expensive assets as marine equipment to a delivery company, you want to know that they have the proficiency and experience to complete the job in a timely and cost effective manner. Bayfront Marine, Inc. can handle all phases of vessel transport and delivery and will travel worldwide to meet your needs.

Since 1973 and in over thirty two countries around the world, we have been providing for the safe delivery of our customers’ marine assets. Our range of services includes delivery voyages, sea trial crews, specialty cargoes, marine consulting, marine operations, towing arrangements, shipping of marine equipment and voyage logistics.

Assembling Expert Crews to Man Your Vessel or
Supervise Its Transportation

In transporting vessels on their own bottoms and under their own power, we crew each vessel with meticulously screened professional captains, officers and crews. If your vessel is too small to make its own ocean voyage or transportation by ship is your preference, Bayfront Marine, Inc. can arrange shipment. Our crews deliver to the loading port, supervise loading and unloading and complete the delivery to your dock. Our experienced, professional licensed crews bring the technical, operational and managerial skills needed to provide our customers with safe, cost effective solutions to relocating their marine equipment. Each crew member fully understands their responsibilities prior to embarking, maintaining a smooth journey and delivery.

Our crews have extensive experience worldwide and have sailed to and from the following locations. Click on map locations for additional detail:

Keeping Customers Informed

Stay informed throughout your vessel’s voyage via position reports, estimated time of arrivals, and logistical support which are handled through our shoreside communications base station via satellite phone communications. Know that your vessel will arrive in better shape than when it departed, clean and in good repair, with extensive deck log documentation so that you are fully aware of its performance.

Satisfying Customers at Each Arrival Port

Bayfront Marine, Inc. conducts business to create satisfied customers, which includes crafting detailed and accurate estimates of cost and time of transport. Our customers call us back to meet their marine transportation needs. Repeat business and referrals from these customers has insured our continued success.

We view each relationship as an opportunity to build goodwill and friendships. We do this by insuring that our business transactions are fair and beneficial to all concerned. Bayfront Marine, Inc. is the delivery solution to moving your vessel.